Did you know that some humans can sing two different pitches at once? Or that tree crickets invented speakers long before we did? What about how some ...View Details

The end of the year is a time to reflect, and Western Science Speaks is looking back at some of the incredible science research we’ve had the privileg...View Details

What happens when you combine computer scientists, evolutionary biologists, and a global pandemic? A game-changing classification tool. A collaborativ...View Details

Dr. Chris Guglielmo studies the process of migration in birds. However, while most researchers heavily focus on the flight, Chris focuses on the pit s...View Details

Paul Mensink, a marine ecologist from Western's Department of Biology, tracks sharks that have strayed far away from their natural habitats in order t...View Details

Our Halloween Special of Western Science Speaks includes Western University researchers Dr. Liana Zanette, Dr. Yolanda Hedberg, and Dr. Lyle Muller. O...View Details

Radars keep us informed - whether it be day-to-day, allowing us to predict the weather, or warning us of potentially catastrophic large-scale threats ...View Details

When Western Earth Sciences professor Patricia Corcoran takes time off from discovering new plastic forms on the shorelines of our beaches and lakes, ...View Details

Precious metals don’t just exist in Lord of the Rings. Western University researcher Martin J. Stillman joins the show to detail how antibiotics are a...View Details

Dr. Bob Linnen, an economic geologist from the Department of Earth Sciences, joins the show to discuss the state of mining in Canada, the tech-buildin...View Details

Dr. Graham Thompson from the Department of Biology joins Western Science Speaks to compare and contrast the social hierarchies of humans and bees. Dr....View Details

One year in advance of the James Webb Space Telescope's official launch, Western Science Speaks is thrilled to be joined by Prof. Els Peeters, for an ...View Details

Dr. Anne Simon joins Western Science Speaks to talk about the processes within group behaviour in a variety of animals. Later, Dr. Simon talks about h...View Details

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Amanda Moehring and Geoff Wild join Western Science Speaks to discuss mating, courtship, and everything you need to ...View Details

Professor Dani Way from the Department of Biology joins the show to discuss her work predicting future climate realities on Earth - and what that mean...View Details

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